Role: Motion designer, producer, videographer and editor.

Sampling of my recent work leading into 2023.

Role: Producer, videographer and editor.

An all-encompassing take on 2022 where I produced hundreds of AMA Updates. This look back highlights connections with major medical teams and physicians. 

Role: Producer, videographer, video and podcast editor.

Over 500 daily episodes since 2020, we spoke with hundreds of well-known physicians (Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Peter Hotez, White House Attorney General, etc.) concerning up-to-date information on COVID-19 and what people need to know about their overall health.

Winner of the Platinum AVA Digital Award.

Role: Producer, videographer, editor and motion designer.

The Customer Experience Forum is a yearly event with a live webinar and I produced a sizzle reel for the AMA’s team to highlight their CX expansion. 

Role: Editor and motion designer.

Aiming to showcase FREIDA’s latest web capabilities, I animated a walkthrough of the major features.